How Punishment Hurts Creativity

Almost from the beginning of our elementary school careers we learn the academic difference between the right answer and the wrong answer. Giving the right answer results in a better grade and respect from our teachers, peers, and parents; giving the wrong answer results in a bad grade and criticism from our parents and teachers,... Continue Reading →

A Big Leap

Last month I performed a show. I showed up, did my act, and went home, just like I had done a thousand other times. But this time was different, and I had a lot more jobs then just to perform. This was a show that I produced, performed, and promoted nearly 100% alone. It was... Continue Reading →

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn...There are endless ways to connect with people from the comfort of our phones. I'd even count dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid among them! Since the early days of MySpace, businesses have used this technology to connect with consumers, both customers and prospects alike. Some businesses run amazing social media campaigns... Continue Reading →

Rules for Neckties

I'm of the mind that a magician should dress one step above the audience. This doesn't always mean dressing formal; Eric Jones is a great example of someone who dresses very well but not necessarily "formal". But for many magicians, a suit and tie is the preferred option for performing. If you fall into this... Continue Reading →

The Artist’s MBA (Part 2)

In a previous post I explained why professional and semi-professional artists should learn the basics of business. As I mentioned there, all of the resources you need to learn these basics are in readily available books. The most important thing to remember is to apply what you learn! Too often people will read great advice... Continue Reading →

The Artist’s MBA

Should a professional or semi-professional artist learn the basics of business? Short answer: yes. Being a performing magician for a number of years has taught me two things: card tricks are a great way to get a girl's number, and a professional performing artist should be a lifelong student of business. My first lesson in... Continue Reading →

How to Network

Networking is a crucial part of growing your personal brand. It can lead to more Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and some great business opportunities! In the past, networking could only be done at events and club meetings, but now you can network 24/7 using social media. Social media is an amazing tool! Magicians have been... Continue Reading →

The Death of Magic Shops

A Sad Reality (?) Brick-and-mortar magic shops are quickly becoming a thing of the past. They’re slowly going out of business just as traditional shops in other industries are. Your favorite local magic shop will probably be closing their doors soon too, if they haven't already. The internet has taken over the magic retail business,... Continue Reading →

The Payoff of Practice

Liverpool, 1960. A club owner from Hamburg, Germany saw a local band perform in Liverpool, England. He liked their sound and offered them a gig playing at his club in Hamburg. But it was a hard gig; the sets were 8 hours straight, 7 nights a week. Any band with relative success would have turned... Continue Reading →

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